At Abbrevia we take pride in providing end-to-end consultancy by partnering with our customers, understanding their issues and problems, defining business strategies and technology road maps followed by development of required RFPs, evaluation of responses, recommendation and implementation of appropriate solutions to address customer needs.


Testing and Certification

Abbrevia has proven experience in provision of:

  • Turn-key test and certification services
  • Project management services
  • Build and operate Test and Certification Centres
  • Certification of Issuers and Acquirers with Card Schemes
  • Certification of POS Vendors with Card Schemes
  • Provision of Test Card Pack


Abbrevia has established track record of:

  • Definition and implementation of national payment standards
  • RFP Management, product and vendor selection
  • Definition of business and technology roadmaps
  • Provision of technical resources
  • Program management of nationwide EMV migration

Decision Management test

Abbrevia expertise include:

  • Modelling of complex business rules
  • Integration of business processes and what-if analysis of its impact
  • Streamlining of business operations by simplification of decision making processes
  • Provision of experienced business analysts

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